Our Story:

Enabling Green IT

Teamsfox was founded on the vision that Microsoft 365 rapid adoption brings opportunities, but also challenges. We built the first green Microsoft 365 management platform with one main objective: to help customers get the highest value from their Microsoft 365 investment while keeping cost under control, ensuring proper governance is in place, and fostering user engagement, and most importantly, helping address environmental challenges.

Our Product:

Setting the Standard for Green Microsoft 365 Management

Teamsfox is trusted by organizations of all sizes to govern their Microsoft 365 environment. With a clear focus on sustainability, Teamsfox not only reduces cost of Microsoft 365, but also introduces a new culture of using Microsoft 365 services, helping the overall organizational efforts to reduce carbon footprint and achieve ESG goals.

Our Goal:

Satisfied Customers through Sustainable Digitization

Protecting the environment is essential to what we do every day. Our experienced team has foreseen the explosion in Microsoft 365 adoption, and anticipated that this adoption would result in opportunities but also significant challenges. Focused on customer satisfaction, our experienced team works hard every day to build a platform that meets highest customer satisfaction while ensuring the environment is protected.


Our Values


Customer First

Our customers are our priority and their satisfaction is our goal.



We challenge ourselves to be at the forefront of technology and produce innovative solutions in a fast-changing world.


Environmental Protection

With our TeamsFox solution, we challenge ourselves to reduce the carbon footprint produced in Microsoft 365 environment.



Our relationships with our customers, partners and employees are founded upon mutual trust.

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